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On August 25, 2017, I completed the paperwork and sent a check to pay for my Cobra insurance. Discovery Benefits cashed the check and proceeded to add coverages for my entire family, which I did not want.

I notified them of their error by e-mail and phone on September 11. I again provided the information about the coverage I wanted. On September 25, I received written confirmation of the correct coverage amounts and I set up auto payments. On October 9, I discovered that the corrected coverage had not been submitted to Cigna and I completed yet another form requesting coverage.

It is now October 26, and I still do not have coverage because of additional errors made by Discovery Benefits.

The Discovery Benefits staff will not call Cigna nor will they follow up because they believe that it is Cigna's problem. The staff at Cigna have reached out to Discovery Benefits, however this issue is still unresolved.

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