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I started my nightmares with Discovery Benefits on January 19 2018 when they canceled my health insurance. I don't know exactly who did what when to get it canceled, but I do know my termination date with my employer was also 1/19/18 after beung out on FMLA for 4 months.

I suspect DB mistakenly terminated my insurance on my employment termination date based on the THOUSANDS of complaint reviews splattered all over the internet. They claim I was one day late in making my payment under FMLA., even though the date shown in their portal and also given to me verbally by one of their customsr disservice people was a much later date. It took them 2 weeks to get permission from previous employer to reinstate and to offer COBRA. It took them another 4 days to notify me about reinstatement.

They gave me 48 hours to get payment to them. They had me blocked from using their portal to pay by credit card and they claim to not have technology to accept credit card payment by phone. I thought it odd that a company of this size whose soul reason for existence is to collect payments and disburse funds is not technologically advanced enough to accept crefit cards by phone. Thank heavens I sent the check by priority mail so I would have tracking.

It was delivered to them well within their arbitrary 48 hour deadline. I waited three days after confirmation of delivery to call them. I spent 3 hours 6 minutes on hold in their terminal hold phone system. When their Barbie Doll finally picked up she tried to tell me they had not received payment.

I think it hurt her feelings when I told her tracking indicates she's a liar because it was delivered at 7:24AM on 2/1. Ooopsss....she put me on hold, and when she came back she said they did have the check. She told me it was flagged urgent and my insurance would be reinstated within two days. 2 days later still no coverage.

Called them back. Another 2+ hours holding. That Barbie told me it would take 2 to 3 weeks to process and for my coverage to be reinstated. I went ballistic.

She hung up on me. I called back again, for another 2+ hours of listening to their stupid elevator music. When the next Ken Doll told me the same 2 or 3 weeks and denied they have any ability to expedite, I tried to explain to him that the medical condition I have is going to a shrink so I don't become the next Lad Vegas sniper. Explained to him its not MY health at stake over their incompetence and corruption, but possibly the lives of a lot of other folks.

He stuck to his guns on taking 2 or 3 weeks to process. Shortly after we hung up the cops knocked on my door, doing a welfare check. ROFLMAO!!!! Well, at least I knew I got their attention.

No resolution or expediting if their process, but I did get his attention. (If they were that concerned about my welfare they would just do their job - the ONLY job they have of administering payments!) Long story short, repeated calls and aggravation, it finally took my insurance carrier dogging them to get them to do their one and only job. Just today, 1/12/18, my insurance is reinstated. Apparently they dont know just what to do with paper checks because the check still has not been presented to my bank.

During all the hours I wS on hold I began reading reviews online about them. Obviously a verrrrry corrupt organization, or if not corrupt supremely incompetent. So i began utilizing those wasted hold hours being productive. I filed complaint with the BBB (fat lot of good that does since companies pay to be listed and the BBB is no going to *** off THEIR paying customer by taking any negative actions).

I filed complaint with TX AG Consumer protection office. I tried to file complaint with TX Dept. Of Insurance, but DB for some reason does'nt fall under their jurisdiction: somrthing to do with how the employer set them up. But they did advise me to contact the feds.

Y'all pay attention, this one is important: file you complaint with the fed Employee Benefits Security Administration. Its important because 1) they contact the employer who hired DB to let the employer know DB is placing the employer in violation of federal laws. The employer, if they value their business license, will snatch DB by their short hairs. 2) the feds track the number and types of complaints, and use that data to develop patterns of criminal conduct and will eventually shut the offenders down.

I'm willing to bet that if even half the complaints I've read online were filed eith the feds, none if us would be living the nightmare of Discovery Benefits right now. They would have been shut down by the feds a long time ago. Lastly, I called the TX Secretary of State to get address for the local registered agent of service they are required to have. Registered agent of service refers to the entity who can be served with notice of legal actions, the entity where they will be served notice that they are being sued.

And then i made a trip to my loval county courthouse, small claims court, no lawyer needed, $150 filing fee, and filed negligence suit aganst DB seeking damages of $ 10,00.00 for the month of coverage I paid for but did not receive and the mental anguish, pain and suffering these assclowns have inflicted. At this point I dont even care if I win or lose the case: it is satisfying to know it will be an inconvenience and cost DB time and money just to show up. If they dont show up, I win by default.

Good luck to everyone dealing with this *** outfit. Make your complaints to gov authorities so we can take these corrupt *** out of business for good.

Product or Service Mentioned: Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

I liked: Terrorizing the idiots with death thteats, Filing complaints with the feds over their corruption, Mass publishing to www of malfesance, Suing db.

I didn't like: Incompetence, Stone age technology, Profiteering from payment fees, Malicious corruption.

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