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I've had to call them about 8 times and still no resolution. They keep telling me my claim is fine and then they keep denying it. Customer service reps not willing to help and was also denied to talk to a supervisor. Rep was unwilling to go back through the claim to locate my documents. To lazy and rude talking to me like I didn't know what I was talking about when the previous reps had exactly what I told Chelsea to look for. Training seems to... Read more

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I have a Flexible Spending Account with these charlatans. I give them over $2K a year to use to pay for medical expenses and a debit card to use to access the funds. 50% of the time I try to use it they decline. When I ask why, they say they have put a hold on the account because they are awaiting documentation on a claim. Since I only use this at doctors, dentists and pharmacies, this is a sham When I call the refer me to the web site, but... Read more

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I had, or was supposed to have, Cobra coverage through Discovery Benefits. I kept trying to verify my coverage but I kept getting the same answer, "check back in 2 days!" After several times getting the same answer, I requested to speak to the supervisor to resolve my concerns, and the female supervisor that I spoke with was blatantly higher than a kite and couldn't even carry on a conversation. She said she needed to call me back, but to this... Read more

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Hands down the worst people to deal with regarding coverage. All working in the call center have the personality of gnats. I have paid for 2 months worth of Aetna insurance, but still have no active member ID or coverage. I asked for a refund from Discovery Benefits, but they "can't." I am to the point I am a self pay patient at my doctora office because of Discovery Benefits lazy, useless attitudes. "We are doing all we can" and "call us back... Read more

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This company is impossible to deal with. They're always denying claims. Every time I call, they're experiencing high call volumes. I just waited on the line 15 minutes to get a smart answer from this sassy girl on the phone. They never reply to my emails. And then they freeze my FSA card because they deny claims I've filed receipts for. I had another company that my employer previously used 2 years ago and they were great. Never a problem. Only... Read more

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Became eligible for COBRA July 2015 and have paid in excess of $1000 a month since then to Discovery Benefits. Coverage with blue cross/shield has never been activated. I have foregone medical care and spent countless hours on the phone with Discovery Benefits who can't tell me where my money went. Makes me wonder if someone is embezzling. A complaint to the Attorney General in North Dakota might be next. Read more

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I have an FSA account with Discovery Benefits and they have Progressively started to Deny reimbursable expenses such as Doctors Visits to Orthodontists and Dermatologists asking for a detailed explanation of Services rendered. They were fine the 1st year completing and paying my claims within 48 hours. This is my money that is deducted from my Pay check weekly, not there's and they get to keep anything that they do not reimburse me for, do you... Read more

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Horrible customer service...policy and procedure make no sense ...i hate dealing with this company!! Add comment

I have been paying COBRA to this TPA and this month my check did not arrive. Now, this is the only bill I mail and the post office lost the check apparently. They give a 340 day grace period, but apparently unknown to me I have been behind 30 days the whole time. This in spite of using their payment coupons. Note they charge $30 for the privileged of paying on line. Received letter, COBRA cancelled, no recourse, no one wins. Avoid, Avoid,... Read more

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Left employer Feb 9. Signed up for COBRA in March - made payment for Feb / March. Called to refill prescriptions and basically told no coverage on file. Made next payment on April 8th. Called Optum Rx for prescription refill and told they were showing coverage. Called Discovery Benefits COBRA coverage at (866) 451-3399, but they weren't open on the weekend. Used voice response system to verify receipt of payment. Service from this company... Read more

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